About Us

At Store 57 Productions (s57) our aim is to provide videos tailored completely to our clients needs. Lets face it, video content at every level of life has become invaluable. As our attention span while scrolling through websites and various social media platforms shrinks the need to grab attention increases. This means that content creation and videography is becoming essential. We promise to help you Stand Out Online.

Dependant on what you need, it could be to showcase a dish at your restaurant, a music video or just something for social media to get you a few likes and a couple of extra followers, we will work closely with you through each step of the video production process. This will ensure that we capture your idea exactly as you envisioned it!

S57 came into existence when a group of friends who worked in the same retail store pooled their skills together. During our journey we have taken on numerous different projects and created our own platforms. Through tough times we have persevered and reach new highs as a team.

We are very proud of our Raw Sessions platform showcasing musical talent from in and around Manchester as well as the venues in which we record.

For more information get in touch with us, to keep up to date follow us on social media and to enjoy some of our work feel free to look around our website.

Thank you for dropping by!