S57 & Droylsden FC

We are happy to inform you that we have commenced filming home games at Droylsden FC. We will be at the Butchers Arms Ground throughout this season getting footage and editing it into a highlights package for all their followers. This is an exciting job […]

Raw Sessions (Ep. 1) Katie O’Malley

In the first installment of Store 57 Productions ‘Raw sessions’, we speak to Katie O’Malley. Katie, a musician from Rochdale, performed an extraordinary live set of her song ‘On The Line’ and delved into her career as a musician and  her aspirations going forward…You can […]

We need to talk about Mental Health

Thursday 26th October Mental health is one of the Earth’s most pressing health endemics of the 21st century. It can be suppressed from the public eye, but this attitude can result in abhorrent consequences. The Mental Health Foundation has published horrifying statistics that almost 1 […]

Catalonia versus Goliath – Valiant for a voice

Friday 20th October 2017 On October 1st, Catalonia held a referendum. A referendum which subsequently became embroiled within vicious violence and, in the view of the Spanish government, treachery. Almost three weeks have subsided, the will of Catalonia’s population for independence has been monumentally rebuffed […]

Meeting The Man In The Chair

Monday 5th June 2017​ This week’s entry deserves a toast. A toast to collaboration and oncoming success. It saw two of Manchester’s newly formed invigorating film makers come together. S57 meet Man in the Chair, Man in the Chair, meet S57. The place for the […]

A Proud Mancunian

Saturday 27th May 2017​ Sent to me from heaven, Manchester, you are my world. There’s a famous saying; ‘where were you when….’ It was about half eleven on Monday. I was in bed, listening to a playlist, scrolling through social media, catching up on the […]

S57 Off & Filming

Monday 10th April 2017 ​ Well here we are guys. We’ve made it (this far). S57 has commenced filming on our debut documentary into Manchester’s sex trade. An exhilarating leap into the unknown, colleagues of course have experience of works in media, but this is […]